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Our Animals 

"The Lord is my shepherd; I have all that I need. He lets me rest in
green pastures; he leads me beside peaceful streams."
Psalm 23:1-2 (NLT)


All Creatures

Big and Small the Lord God Made Them All

All things bright and beautiful,All creatures great and small,All things wise and wonderful,The Lord God made them all. Each little flower that opens,Each little bird that sings,He made their glowing colors,He made their tiny wings.


Starr Lady

Name: Starr Lady

Breed: Missouri Fox Trotter Horse

Color/Markings: Bay (dark brown) with a star on her forehead

Year of Birth: 2004

Height: 15.3 hands


Say hello to Starr! She is one of our wonderful horses here at H.O.P.E.-Full Pastures. Starr is very sweet and is a lot of fun to pet, walk with, and ride! She spends her days out in the pasture with our other horses and our mini donkey. She loves eating grass and running around with her best friend, Jake. The way to her heart is definitely through treats! She is very gentle and will eat them right out of the palm of your hand, and then go sniffing around your pockets for more. If you’re looking to have a nice, relaxing ride you can always count on her.


Why we love her:  Starr is very social and curious.  She nickers when she sees her person approach and she runs to the fence for attention. She is absolutely beautiful to look at and admire as she canters across the pasture.  Her gait (fox trot) is so smooth.  You know you have built trust and made a best friend for life once she playfully nudges you and nuzzles in close to breathe on you.  She loves to rest her head on your should for a hug.  


What makes her a great fit for our program: Starr seeks attention and enjoys the company of human friends.  She takes joy in following her person around in the pasture, and her natural forward walk is a crowd pleaser.  


Years of service: Since H.O.P.E.-full Pastures first opened our doors in September of 2020, Starr Lady has earned her keep as leader of the herd, standing for grooming, providing pleasure rides, and is the keeper of many secrets.  She is a good listener when you are standing next to her, but she will keep you in check when riding her.  


Name: Jake 

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color/Markings: Brown & White Paint with Blaze 

Year of Birth: 2004

Height: 15.1 hands


Meet Jake! Jake has been with H.O.P.E.-Full Pastures since 2021 and likes meeting new people (especially if they have treats!). Jake spends a lot of time with his best friend, Starr, out in the pasture and with his other best friend and handler, Sofiana, riding around the farm! Jake likes to get dirty, so he can always use a good grooming session. He is also a lot of fun to ride alongside Starr. You can just sit and relax and he will take you on a great ride around the arena! He also gives great hugs, as long as you’re okay with getting covered in hair!


Why we love him:  Jake has a great disposition.  He whinnies when he sees his people and truly takes care of those around him.  With his flashy coloring and expressive ears, he is stunning to look at and a protector of his people and his herd. 


What makes him a great fit for our program: Jake is a gentle and kind gelding with a calm demeanor.  He stands calmly while you groom him, tack him up, or is waiting for the next little friend in line to come love on him.

Years of Service: Jake is a well-rounded horse: veteran 4-H horse, Western Pleasure, Contesting, English Pleasure, Hunt Seat, Trick Riding, and Therapeutic Riding.  Jake came to the farm in 2021 and has been a beloved, trusted friend and companion.



Name: Spanky 

Breed: Miniature Horse

Color/Markings: Bay (Dark Brown)

Year of Birth: 2005

Height: 6.5 hands


This cute miniature horse is Spanky! He loves to play and hang out in the pasture all day with his larger equine friends. He is a lot of fun to pet and groom. He is so soft and fluffy! He loves treats and will follow you around hoping to get more. Spanky is really great at walking on the lead rope and he’s a great listener. Don’t be fooled by his size, he is just as cool and fun as the big ones! 


Why we love him:  Spanky is quite personable.  He is tiny but mighty.  


What makes him a great fit for our program: Spanky’s size is perfect for our little people who might otherwise feel intimidated by the size of our full size horses and sassy personality of our pony.  He comes from a Natural Horsemanship barn with excellent training and knowledge of games such as, yo-yo, the circle game, touch-it, the friendly game, and more.  

Years of Service: Spanky joined our family Spring of 2023,  He has spent years as a lesson horse for littles, reinforcing both ground work and riding skills.


Name: Chloe

Breed: Miniature Donkey

Color/Markings: Grey/Brown, Dorsal Stripes and Shoulder Crosses, Dark Ear Marks, & Light Points

Date of Birth: 2005

Height: 6 hands


Who’s fluffy, mostly super sweet, stubborn at times, and can always make you smile? That would be Chloe! Our Miniature Donkey is super friendly and super soft. She adores attention and will often bray when she sees people to greet them.    This is Chloe’s way of saying hi and communicating that she needs some tender loving care or maybe a treat! Her favorite spot to be pet is right between her ears under her mane. When you’re with Chloe, it is hard not to smile at how cute she is! She may be small, but she is mighty and full of love.


Why we love her:  Chloe is infamously known for her guarding abilities and takes her role of protecting the herd very seriously.  She is friends with all of the equine on the farm and she takes pride in keeping the goats in line.   


What makes her a great fit for our program: Chloe’s job is to ward off predators, including coyotes, stray dogs, etc..  

Years of service: Chloe came to our farm in 2014 from another small goat farm.  She has always earned her keep by guarding and protecting goats, sheep, and alpacas. 



Name: Storm

Breed: Nubian

Color/Markings: Brown, Floppy Ears

Date of Birth: 2021


Name: Thunder-Ella

Breed: Nubian / Oberhasli

Color/Markings: Brown with Black Stripe, Straight Ears

Date of Birth: March 10, 2023


Name: Lightning Bolt

Breed: Nubian / Nigerian Dwarf

Color/Markings: Brown & White with Black stripe down back

Date of Birth: March 10, 2023


Name: Nico

Breed: Oberhasli / Nigerian Dwarf

Color/Markings: Brown, Black Stripe, Straight Ears

Date of Birth: April 15, 2023


Name: Eleanor

Breed: Oberhasli / Nigerian Dwarf

Color/Markings: Brown & White with Black stripe down back

Date of Birth: April 15, 2023


Look out into the pasture next to the barn and you’ll see goats! We have three types of goats here at H.O.P.E.-Full Pastures- Nubian goats like our mama goat Storm, Nubian/Nigerian dwarf goats which are Storm’s two babies, Lightning Bolt and Thunderella. Our third type of goats are our Oberhasli/Nigerian dwarf goats which are our newest babies, Eleanor and Nico. All of our goats are super friendly and love saying hi to everyone! If they hear you come into the barn, they’ll even look over the door and call “Maaa”! 



Name: Zach

Breed: Huacaya Alpaca

Color/Markings: White

Date of Birth: 2008


Our loveable, friendly Huacaya alpaca, Zach, adores people. His fiber is soft just like a teddy bear! He enjoys walks to the creek, and most of the time you can find him sitting in the cool stream or hanging out under the shade trees with his handler listening to a good story or a song. He has also become a protective and loving foster dad to our baby goats!



Name: Dusty

Breed: Suri Alpaca

Color/Markings: Fawn

Date of Birth: 2010


Dusty, our Suri alpaca, is extremely calm and chill. His fiber is soft and silky, you could almost use him as a pillow! He will often be found rolling around in the dust on hot days and basking in the sun throughout the day. He enjoys walks with his handler, laying down in cool pools of water, the creek, or having his belly and legs sprayed off after a nice walk on a hot summer day.

Chickens & Ducks

Chickens and ducks are loved by most of the boys that come to the farm.  The chickens spend their time scratching for food,the ducks lounging around in their pools,, and laying eggs that we get to collect every morning!



Name: Essie

Breed: Lionhead Lop Rabbit

Color/Markings: Brown floppy ears

Date of Birth: Easter 2020

Name: Winter Snow

Breed: Lionhead Dwarf Rabbit

Color/Markings: White Albino - Long hair

Date of Birth: Spring 2022


Name: Bambi

Breed: Lionhead Dwarf

Color/Markings: Brown

Date of Birth: Fall 2022


Name: Skye

Breed: Blanc de Hotot

Color/Markings: White - Short Hair, Black Eyeliner around eyes

Date of Birth: Spring 2022


Essie is our large, sweet Lionhead lop rabbit. She likes to be held on her back and falls sound asleep when you whisper or sing to her.  Winter Snow and Bambi are our Lionhead Dwarf bunnies. Winter’s sweet personality makes her a favorite among our kids and volunteers.  Bambi has a big personality and is adventurous.  Skye is our big white Blanc De Hotot bunny who has natural eyeliner and is gentle and calm! The bunnies are a favorite for almost all the children who go through our program. They are soft, cuddly, and super  friendly. You could spend hours just sitting and petting them or watching them hop around in their enclosures. 




Our kitties happen to be most kids' favorite animal on the farm. You’ll see them wandering around the farm and walking right up to you to say hi and be pet! They love to be cuddled and will fall asleep in your lap if you let them. They love to be where all the people are. They always bring lots of joy and smiles with their love.

Meet: Mercy Grace (black & white tuxedo), Perserverence "Persy" (large tabby), Brave (solid black), Hakuna Matata (black with white spot on chest), Luna (long-haired tabby), Emily (gray short haired), Sarah (small black), Jonah (small tabby), Nova (tabby), & Angel (tabby tuxedo) 

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