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Drives For A Cause

H.O.P.E.-full Pastures offers H.O.P.E. to our community. to overcome fear, loss and trauma. 

We do not charge for our services, so we currently rely on funding to run our day-to-day operations and programs. The majority of the grants received do not cover the animal care or the operational expenses. 

To continue offering our programs and provide excellent care to our animals, we are always grateful for generous donations. 

How your donation supports our mission: 

  • Animal Sponsorships

  • Program Scholarships

  • Donate an Animal

  • Donate Session Items

  • Donate Financially 

  • Support Office Operations 

  • Provide Supplies to Animals 

  • Fund Expansion Projects 

  • Provide Program Snacks and Crafts

  • And much, much more! 

Donation Opportunities 


Scholarships Sponsorships

For $50 per month a little under $2 per day, you have the opportunity to invest in the life of a child and their family by sponsoring a scholarship to our program. Each child in the program will have access to a mentor, guided lesson by a Farm Leader & Educator who will walk them through our curriculum that promotes healing, and an animal handler who help them learn how to interact and care for our animals during sessions. 

Your Scholarship Sponsorship Includes:

  • eight 90-minute sessions

  • our unique curriculum

  • craft supplies

  • snacks & meal

  • book/toy received at the completion of each session milestone

  • special treats for their animal friend

  • the opportunity to explore nature

  • participation in barn tasks

  • farm boots and needed supplies

Scholarship Sponsorship Benefits

We love staying connected with those who choose to support the ministry at the farm through the child scholarship sponsorships. To show appreciation for this kind gift, each sponsor receives a card from your sponsored child and a quarterly update on their progress.  Once a sponsor, you will receive a packet of information about how you can begin to pray for your child.

To become a sponsor, please submit the form below indicating you are interested in sponsorships.


Animal Sponsorship

The majority of our animals are fosters and/or have been adopted. Immediately upon starting the program, the majority of our kids can relate and connect with the animal's familiar stories. H.O.P.E-full Pastures offers a safe haven, a gentle hand, and a life purpose. It is our aim to develop trusting relationships with these magnificent creatures. 

By simply choosing to sponsor an animal, you can further ensure quality care to our animals and a cost free opportunity to the children who call this their special place. 

Your sponsorship will provide assistance for the following:

  • Countless hours one-on-one with a child, a mentor "Pasture Pal", a knowledgeable and responsible handler, caretakers and trained volunteers. 

  • Daily engagement both physically and mentally 

  • Grooming, baths, specific treats 

  • Daily hay and grain as needed during the winter season

  • Vitamins and supplements as needed

  • Regular preventative vaccinations

  • Professional Farrier trimming every 6-8 weeks

  • Veterinary care and annual well-checks

  • Tack and equipment replacement and repair 


Donate an Animal 

To donate, please contact our office.

  • ISO: A miniture calf, heifer preferred

  • ISO: Olde English "Babydoll" Southdown ewe lambs

  • ISO: Small Pigs, prefer Kunekune or Juliana

Donate an item

Please see the list below of items that are needed for sessions, office needs, animal care, grounds keeping, volunteers and more! 

Donate Financially

Supporting the mission of H.O.P.E-full Pastures can be a one time or monthly donation! We choose to fundraise on Zeffy to receive 100% of your gift supports not only the mission at work but also the platforms used to reach individuals and businesses like you as well! 

Click the link below to donate today! 

Items In Need

Animal Feed

  • Sweet Feed 12%

  • Whole Oats

  • Alfalfa Pellets

  • Goat Feed

  • Layer Pellets

  • All Flock

  • Cracked Corn

  • Rabbit Pellets

  • Cat food (Kit 'n Kaboodle)

  • Dog food (Kibbles 'n bits)

  • Hay (email for information)

  • Gift certificate for a local feed stores (Rural King, Tractor Supply, Brubaker Grain, Gabbard Feed)

Animal Treats

  • Carrots

  • Apples

  • Apple & Oat Horse Treats

  • Peppermint Treats

  • Canned tuna with pull lids

  • White salt licks

  • Red mineral licks


  • Shipping Container for boot closet

  • Shelves

  • Utility Storage Cabinets, plastic

  • Storage Benches, need 4-6

  • Hooks

  • Storage Shed for Agility Course Supplies

  • Large Animal Shelter

  • Goat House

Volunteer Supplies

  • Hand warmers

  • Pocket knives

  • Work gloves, all sizes

  • Lanterns

  • Safety Glasses

  • Coats, jackets, coveralls, all sizes

Program Kid Bags

  • Drawstring Bags

  • Socks, all sizes

  • Farm Gloves, all sizes

  • Flashlight

  • Water Bottle

  • T-shirt (white)

  • Mud Boots & Cowboy Boots (all sizes)

  • Bible Story Book

  • A note to encourage child they are valued

Parent Bags

  • Tote bag

  • Journal

  • Pen

  • Book on Parenting from Amazon Smile

  • Dove Chocolate

  • Mug (encouraging quote)

  • Bible (ESV or NIV)

  • A note to encourage paren

Snacks for Session Kids​ & Volunteers

  • Snack Size Chips

  • Fruit Snacks

  • Granola Bars

  • Bottled Water (large & small)

  • Gatorade

  • 100% Juice Boxes

  • Chocolate Milk Boxes

Tack & Care

  • Saddle soap

  • Saddle oil/conditioner

  • Grooming supplies

  • 5-gallon buckets

  • Shavings for bedding

  • Horse Rope Halters (regular, pony, and foal)

  • Goat & Alpaca Halters

  • Lead ropes

  • Lunge Line

  • Fly Spray

  • Fly Trap Roll / Fly Tape

Sensory Toys for Obstacle Course

  • Various sized plastic traffic cones

  • Barrels  

  • Foam pool noodles for horse & alpaca training

  • Plastic tarp

  • Hula Hoops

  • Giant exercise balls (approx. 24"+)

  • Sports balls: Baseballs, tennis balls, 4-square balls, soccer, balls, volleyball, etc. 



  • Animal & Kid Safe Fencing

  • Water Trough for Animals

  • Raised Garden Beds

  • Wood chips / Mulch

  • Topsoil

  • Gravel

  • Birdseed

  • Grass seed

  • Gift certificates to Rural King, Lowes, Meijers, or local nurseries for flowering and vegetable plants



  • Plastic & Metal Pitchforks

  • Wheel barrels

  • Tool Box with basic tools including rechargeable drill

  • Shovels

  • Rakes

  • Small Tractor 

  • Gift certificates to Baker Hardware, Tractor Supply, Rural King, Lowes, or Home Depot


Gifts for Kids & Teens     

  • Cowboy hats, all sizes

  • Legos

  • Books about feelings, adoption, fostering, and farmlife (See Amazon Smile)

  • Birthday gifts - unopened toys & games

Kid’s Building Projects & Crafting Supplies

  • Easy-to-assemble building kits

  • Easy-to-assemble birdhouses

  • Easy-to-assemble toy plane kits

  • Model kits

  • Wooden bench or picnic table kits

  • Hinges and clasps 

  • Canvases

  • Paint Supplies

  • Crayons, Markers, Glitter Glue, Scissors, Coloring Pencils, Glue Sticks, paper, etc.


H.O.P.E.-full Pastures Welcome Bag

for Kids coming into Foster Care (ages 5-17)

  • Drawstring Bag

  • Nightlight

  • Flashlight

  • Stuffed Animal

  • Soft Blanket

  • Book about Animals


Office Supplies

  • Gift certificate to office supply stores (Staples)

  • Lap Top

  • Ink for our Eco Tank Printer – Epson 502 Black and Combo Color Pack

  • Paper

  • Envelopes #10 with single window

  • Pens

  • Clipboards

  • Metal Lateral Filing Cabinet with lock and key

  • Large easel

  • Large paper pad

  • Flip Chart Paper



  • Safeguard

  • Udder Balm

  • Ivermectin

  • Syringes & Needles (22 gauge x 3/4” needle)

  • Iodine & Thrush Buster

  • Antibiotic cream

OUR 2023-2024 GOALS

At the top of our list of renovations and program enhancements for this next phase of H.O.P.E to build safe therapeutic spaces both indoor and out! A few of our upcoming projects awaiting funding are;

  • An Indoor Riding Facility

  • Stalls and Paddock for Continued Sessions in Any Weather and Season

  • Onsite Office Space for an in home Trauma Therapist

  • Goat Enclosure, Outdoor Shelter and Play area

  • Indoor and Outdoor Cat Enclosure 


Always Accepting 

Feed Drive Sponsored by Rural King

** Email for Info

Sweet Feed 12% 

Whole Oats

Alfalfa Pellets

Layer Pellets

All Flock

Cracked Corn

Rabbit Pellets

Cat Food - Kit'n Kaboodle 

Dog Food - Kibbles 'n bits


Gift Certificates

Snack Drive 

Small Bottles of Water


Individual Packaged Snacks


Granola Bars

Trail Mix

Fruit Snacks 



Grab and Go Fresh Fruit 

Stuffed Animal Drive 














Other Farm Animals

Join The Cause 

Animal Donations

Contact the Office

Visit Us - Book a Tour

Schedule with Christa

Sponsorship Opportunities

Fill out Form and Indicate Sponsorships

Financially Support H.O.P.E


We are so very grateful for the love and support we have received from our sponsors.  Each have contributed to the cause and our program could not do this alone without them.  

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