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H.O.P.E.-full Pastures’ focus to address the Foster Care Crisis has emerged to assist at risk children who have experienced early “childhood trauma." Our heartbeat is to break the cycle of generational trauma by offering animal-assisted services for the family as a whole while demonstrating love and compassion to children who are most in need.  We provide mentorship for parents & an interactive program for younger siblings, serving foster, adoptive, birth, and kinship families.

First Steps 

Our First Steps Program offers 90-minute weekly sessions which entail animal care, bonding, building trust, play, purposeful conversation, and curriculum promoting healing with a trained advocate. While the child is in their session, our Family Mentor program provides resources to foster character-building skills, support in parenting, faith & finance, and family goal setting.


Ambassador’s Connect

Our support groups offer ongoing support to permanent members of foster & kinship families. We supply tools to help them heal when they are affected by the loss of foster children & kinship placements transitioning in and out of their homes.  


Youth EmPowered

In relationship with Envision Partnerships, youth ages 9-21 will journey through 8 weeks of character-building curriculum, focus on building friendship, trust with animals through small animal interaction, and learn responsibility through caring for the child's animal friend and bonding.  Parent Mentorship offers guided discussions coinciding with the topic the child will be covering.

Relational Readers 

Research shows reading can have a calming effect on animals. Relational Readers is a one-hour program for all readers, where participants read to the animals with a community volunteer here on our farm. Readers provide soothing company to farm animals. As a bonus, new readers gain confidence and improve their reading skills. 

Details About Our Program:


We offer sessions during the Spring, Summer, and Fall season for children who have endured trauma or suffered loss. We support the entire family so most of our sessions are geared to serving the family.

The sessions include animal care, bonding, building trust, outdoor play, purposeful conversation, sensory/table toys, craft, snack, and a curriculum promoting healing. Sessions last 6- 12 weeks long (subject to change) and are offered during the week, typically in the evenings during the school year. We only have a limited number of spots so please click the link to register your child for our program.

For the success of our program, a parent/guardian engages in a mentorship program onsite while their child is in their session. The best success is when both parents can attend. Child care may be available for siblings in your care.

An administrative deposit per family will be collected at your first session but upon completion of all sessions (unless absences are due to illness) it will be refunded back to you.

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