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Since their marriage in 2003, Isidro and Christa have been poured themselves into their faith, family, foster care, and their community.  Later, they purchased their current property in 2014 investing in the farm and what today is H.O.P.E.-full Pastures Therapeutic Farm. Together, they have decades of combined experience in reaching hurting children and helping families receive the healing redemption of Jesus’ love.

Serving to support his wife's vision of the therapy farm program, Isidro ensures all H.O.P.E.-full Pasture's ministry, operations, and development of farm properties are in good standing. He is, also, a pastor, teacher of the Word, Master Electrician, Master Plumber, Plant Engineer at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Main Campus, family mechanic, remodeling contractor, licensed foster parent, and a respected leader in his community.  Christa serves as the farm's Founder & CEO. In this position, she executes her duties in caring for animals and children through training, mentorship, discipleship, and with her husband, building leaders.  Christa serves her family as a stay at home wife, mom, and homemaker; homeschool community as a board member and teacher; her church as a translator and intercessor; along with Butler County Children Services as a foster parent, providing respite care, and member of the foster parent advisory board. Both, Isidro and Christa, have a passion to invest in the lives of vulnerable children and be a link in restoring families, one life at a time.  It is their desire to deliver a message of encouragement, hope, and faith in Jesus Christ with all they meet and come in contact with.



The Carrero Family

We are the Carrero family. 

Isidro, Christa, Adriana, Juliana, Soliana, Luciana,

and Sofiana. 

For us, "To live is as Christ." Philippians 1:21



Adri enjoys kids and is a responsible young lady who works full time.  She enjoys cuddling with chickens, cats, and dogs.  Her hobbies are cooking, hanging out with friends, singing, art projects, and listening to music.  



Juli adores children and is a Badin student.  Toddlers and preschoolers are drawn to her as she is a nurturer by nature.  She is passionate about foster care.  She likes to work, play volleyball, hang out with friends, shop, & ride horses.  



Soli serves as barn manager ensuring all the animals are properly taken care of. She has a heart for the fatherless and desires to invest in the lives of others.  Soliana volunteers as a Child Advocate.  Ballet is her passion and has the life goal of studying to be a teacher and a missionary to wherever God leads. "For nothing will be impossible with God."  Luke 1:37 


Luci's favorite hobby is riding horses.  She enjoys singing, dancing, swinging, swimming, and cooking.  She loves kids and has a heart to share her knowledge with others.  Luci's calm, sweet demeanor helps kids to feel comfortable and confident.



Sofi LOVES animals, especially horses.  She spends every ounce of free time with the horses, enjoys riding, and loving on the animals.  Her goal in life is to be a trick rider and to one day have her own trick riding school. Sofi's enthusiasm for life is contagious and desires to help others. 

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