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Child Sponsorship


For $50 per month, a little under $2 per day, you have the opportunity to invest in the life of a child and family by sponsoring a child to go through our program.  Each child will be partnered with a Child Advocate, along with a Teacher who will walk them through our curriculum which promotes healing, and every animal has a handler.  Your sponsorship includes...


  • four 90-minute sessions 

  • curriculum

  • craft supplies

  • snacks, book/toy (which each child will receive after completing every 6-week milestone)

  • facility use

  • a special treat for their therapy animal friend​

  • the opportunity to explore nature, befriend an animal, learn animal care, and participate in a barn task teaching them responsibility.  

  • farm boots

Sponsorship Benefits

We love staying connected with those who choose to support the ministry at the farm through the child sponsorship program. To show appreciation for this kind gift, each sponsor will receive a card from your sponsored child and a quarterly update on their progress.

To become a sponsor, please submit our Child Sponsorship Form below.  We will send you a packet of information about how you can pray for your child right away, as well as quarterly updates.

Sponsorship Agreement Information

This agreement in no way entitles the sponsor to exclusive privileges in any way to a sponsored child, animal, or farm property.  The sponsor has the right to cancel this agreement with a 30-day notice to H.O.P.E.-full Pastures administration. All monies received from the sponsor to the date of cancellation remain the property of H.O.P.E.-full Pastures. Please note that there may be more than one sponsor per child. This is to ensure that all of our children receive the individual attention and care deserved equally, as the funds go into an account to support all of the youth enrolled in our program.

H.O.P.E.-full Pastures has been established as a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization by the Internal Revenue Service. All donations are tax-deductible. 

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